Study Notes for 70-484

I’ve been working through the certification series for Windows Store applications, and I’m currently studying for 70-484 (Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using C#). As with all new certifications, there isn’t a whole lot of study material much beyond poking around in Visual Studio and reading the documentation. I’ve included some directed links to […]

Yammer from the command line

Someone on our Yammer network at work had a simple question about how often we talk about certain topics. I thought the question deserved an answer and provided me an opportunity to brush up on my PowerShell scripting. After looking around I found PSYammer on CodePlex. To get started with this Snap-In, you’ll need to […]

Windows Phone app fails static validation. Image file format is not supported.

  Once you are done developing your app, you will submit it to the Windows Phone Marketplace. After you upload your application, it will immediately undergo static code analysis  to ensure that you have complied with the Marketplace guidelines when developing your application. This is a formality that goes through the basic requirements so you […]

So much learning…

I’ve been writing my annual assessment at work and reviewing the projects I’ve worked on as well as visualizing the types of projects I want to work on in the next year. The rate of change is incredible and Microsoft is announcing new technologies left and right. How am I ever going to be able […]