HEAT Powershell Snapin

This is a Powershell Snap-in for the HEAT Ticketing System. I’ve used HEAT at several companies, and I was never able to get an easy snapshot that showed how I was doing at closing HEAT tickets. Since numbers like these are key in determining promotion, raise and so on I took a passing interest. I’ve […]

MOM 2005 Reporting Workbook

This is another Excel workbook that queries your MOM server and creates a time-bound report including Alert breakdown by type and server so you can quickly grasp the issues in your environment. It even has pretty graphs for people who don’t like reading. The first time you open this workbook, cancel the original popup. On […]

Mutual Fund Portfolio Analyzer

This is an Excel workbook that allows you to list mutual funds (perhaps those offered by your company) and performs a Monte Carlo analysis (up to 32,000 iterations) to determine the optimal portfolio for you (highest Sharpe ratio). This workbook will download annualized data from Yahoo Finance. Also be sure that you have installed the […]

Sharepoint 2007 Event ID 5165

Are you getting 404 errors from pages in your site? Is you Application log filling up with the following Publishing error? Console Configuration File Error: File Not Found: The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002) Then you, my friend, have Content Database corruption. Apparently this is common and the error message […]

Avoiding Spyware

I know that you don’t want to hear about this, but I have helped so many people with spyware that I want to review some basic precautions you can take to protect yourself.Motivation The first question you might ask is where does spyware come from? Some of it is malicious users who want to highlight […]

Backups on the cheap

We know that everyone has heard this before, and we know that you don’t do it. But everyone will learn sooner or later that backups are a necessary evil when dealing with high-tech surprises and good,old-fashioned tragedies. I want to talk to you about how painless doing backups can be. Storage The medium you choose […]