Getting to 1.0

I imagine that a lot of my readers are developers like me who got into the business (or stay in the business) because they love the craft of software development. I would go even further and say that a lot of my dear readers are working on a “side project” to create apps for their […]

Starting all over again

As you may have inferred from the posting frequency on this site, I have been going through some changes at my day job. High-profile projects needed to move forward, and a lot of personal tasks got sacrificed for the team and the customer. While I am always happy to work hard to make sure the […]

Yammer from the command line

Someone on our Yammer network at work had a simple question about how often we talk about certain topics. I thought the question deserved an answer and provided me an opportunity to brush up on my PowerShell scripting. After looking around I found PSYammer on CodePlex. To get started with this Snap-In, you’ll need to […]

So much learning…

I’ve been writing my annual assessment at work and reviewing the projects I’ve worked on as well as visualizing the types of projects I want to work on in the next year. The rate of change is incredible and Microsoft is announcing new technologies left and right. How am I ever going to be able […]