First day with Hololens Academy

Several of my coworkers have hyped up the Hololens enough for me to take interest. Right now I’m just learning by going through the Holographic Academy videos. Some initial thoughts.

  • Unity development is really important and something i need to spend much more time on. It’s really an entire industry unto itself. But, I’ve added some courses from Pluralsight, and I’m confident that I’ll get better.
  • The Hololens emulator takes forever to get started. Half of my initial deployments fail because the emulator takes forever to get started. Seriously.
  • Troubleshooting emulator connectivity takes a lot of fun out of development. 🙁 I’m currently stuck on DEP6957. My current workaround is to delete/recreate Hyper-V virtual switches. Which is just one more step between coding and troubleshooting. 🙁

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