What is Disciplined Delivery

In the new year, I’ve been reviewing my professional achievements in 2016 and planning for the new year. Many of my goals in 2016 were about obtaining more leverage so I could have impact across multiple customers, as there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for me to make that kind of impact without working through others. This was an excellent exercise for 2016 and it continues to drive me in 2017. The pessimist in me might see this as training other people to replace me. In honesty, I am trying to train about five to seven different people to replace me, but there seems to be some magic that I have that just doesn’t translate. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t have a magic wand, or secret knowledge, but I think I’ve identified the differentiator, and I’m happy to share it with all of my readers…

The secret is discipline. I’m not smarter, or luckier, or a better schmoozer. We all know how to do better at our job, or at our relationships, or our fitness, or our finances but we don’t. The steps are simple, but they are painful. Having a great physique is easy, you just have to eat less, and exercise more. Being rich is easy, spend less, earn more. You get the idea. Getting better is simply doing the right thing, but we all have a hundred excuses for why we can’t. The excuses generally boil down to “I don’t wanna”, which is fine, but I challenge you to always place these statements into a cost/benefit or trade-off statement.

  • I don’t wanna run on the treadmill, because on my vacation I am going to rest and relax.
  • I don’t wanna¬†run my team’s interviews, because I’m happy working with whomever we hire.
  • I don’t wanna spend the rest of this month’s budget on my student loans, because I don’t mind making the additional monthly payments

Sometimes you will hear the words coming out of your mouth and agree. That’s good. You are making a decision and it’s in alignment with your goals. Other times you know you don’t believe what you are saying. (When I work with people on this, they know they don’t believe what they are saying while they are still talking). Maybe you are making excuses rather than choices. I would encourage you to have the¬†discipline to be honest with yourself. Once you are communicating with yourself in an honest and disciplined way, then you are ready to move onto #disciplineddelivery in the workplace.

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