Exploring Bot Framework

I spent an afternoon exploring the Bot Framework. I’m just exploring to see what the dev experience is like and stimulate my imagination a little bit. So after doing all of the setup and connecting to the bot emulator I’m ready to go. I hope future bots don’t judge me on my witty setup banter.


I’ve been watching a series on Pluralsight about making code more object oriented. So once I go this running I went to create a class library. I noticed that .NET core library project type is pushed front and center. I figured I should make sure this was going to work. I looked into the whole compatability list and I don’t want to support any legacy platforms, so I’m good to go…. Or so I think. As I start writing extension methods to move out some housekeeping activites on chat messages I see that the botconnector has a lot of legacy components that are not netstandard1.6. After about a second I realize that I’m overthinking this and I would rather make learning progress in an ugly project than nitpick myself into premature organization.

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