Catchup gaming

I’ve been spending so many of my weekends playing video games, I thought I’d share some of my favorites lately. Most of these aren’t brand new so they are very affordable or even free.


I’ve been playing SimCity Buildit (Google Play|Amazon) on my phone. I’ve always been a sucker for empire building apps and SimCity has a special place in my heart. While there is always the opportunity for an IAP, I’ve been happy with the engagement I can have even without buying upgrades.

I’ve picked up Borderlands 2 after listening to one of my coworkers describe it. I’ve been working through the first couple of levels. I didn’t realize it has couch co-op, so I’ll be dragging my boys into this at some point as well. This game has been excellent in supporting 5-15 minutes of drop-in play. I love Destiny, but this game seems to have a more casual playstyle which matches my available time.


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