Starting all over again

As you may have inferred from the posting frequency on this site, I have been going through some changes at my day job. High-profile projects needed to move forward, and a lot of personal tasks got sacrificed for the team and the customer. While I am always happy to work hard to make sure the people around me are successful, things got to a point where my personal development had stalled. As always, my gut knew this was not going to last long before my brain caught up. Luckily, I was able to find another team at Microsoft where I can learn new technologies, lead projects, and mentor other developers as well. I can honestly say this was a change I should have made a year ago. I can’t go to bed now, because I’m excited about working and learning, and I’m always excited at work.

This change has motivated me to re-invest in personal development. First on the list was reactivating my Pluralsight account. I have been very happy with Erik Dietrich’s classes on NDepend and NCrunch, and I’m currently getting into the Outlier Developer course as well. I have been re-invigorated and can easily see myself keeping up this pace for another two years. Dear readers, I hope that you have the same passion and engagement in your lives.


If you’re not living your dreams, stay in bed.

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