So much learning…

I’ve been writing my annual assessment at work and reviewing the projects I’ve worked on as well as visualizing the types of projects I want to work on in the next year. The rate of change is incredible and Microsoft is announcing new technologies left and right. How am I ever going to be able to make a learning plan that covers all of this great stuff? Deep breath, back to basics. I’ve grown so much over the past two years by working on my own side projects, so I’ll let that passion drive my learning plan.


Windows 8 apps offer such a huge opportunity right now. I’ve been reading through Programming Windows by Charles Petzold. I figured I’d start off covering all of the basics well so I have a sturdy understanding of the platform moving forward. Of course I’m following the Building Windows 8 blog and I’ve been attending Win8 at Night in-person events to round out anything I still can’t wrap my brains around.


I’ve been working on a few Windows Phone apps as well. The mobile space is just driving so much innovation right now, it’s too exciting to stay away from. This also has the added bonus of being the current playground for developers working on Metro style applications. I have to admit I have a long way to go in developing a keen sense of personal style, but working on these apps is pushing me to refine my application design skills from the ground up. I’ve added the Metro Developer podcast to my commute and today I’m watching a series of training videos on User Experience.


Is there a long list of technologies left off this list right now? Yes, but again that’s ok. By focusing training around technology-agnostic design principles and platform learning, the time necessary to ramp on application level specifics decreases (IMHO). Back to the books !! Smile

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