MOBILE AMERICA (the people hackathon)

Are you a concerned citizen with ideas on how technology could solve social problems? A developer with the knowledge, technical skills, vision, and desire to contribute to the future? Have you been waiting for a reason to write a Metro App for Windows 8 or publish to the Azure Marketplace? Your time has arrived.

MOBILE AMERICA is a public app contest for Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Windows Azure. Entries in each category have a chance to win $1500 or $500 and a Windows Phone (full contest rules). Ready to get started, but still waiting for that great idea?? Check out some sources of inspiration like Apps for Democracy (an app contest in Washington DC) and repository of public data and applications. As you build these applications, I’d ask that you think about open-sourcing your applications (github, codeplex, whatever) so that people all over can benefit from your innovative creations. Good Luck!!

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