Who is SketchFlow’s target audience

I installed and used SketchFlow yesterday to create a UI mockup for a new website. I thought the tool was easy to get started using (especially for Visual Studio users), but even then, the tool was a little too much Visual Studio and not enough Office (in my opinion). The two items that jumped out at me that would make this tool much more accessible were

  1. Sketchflow only supports WPF and Silverlight projects. This support needs to be broadened, because I see limited support in the enterprise for these two technology platforms compared to ASP.NET
  2. More Sketchflow controls. Any XAML controls can be given a “SketchFlow” style, but the point of using a tool like Sketchflow is that you are in early design phase and you don’t want to spend time focusing on “pixel-perfect”. Given that use case, is it reasonable to expect designers to create sketchflow styles for additional controls knowing full well that they will never make it into the final project?

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