Practice Questions for 70-583: Choose an appropriate upgrade strategy.

I’ll be posting practice questions for the 70-583: PRO: Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications certification all week. I haven’t seen the test, and I apologize if these questions aren’t representative of the actual exam, however, they focus on the topics outlined by Microsoft.

Your company has been working on a new analytics website hosted on Windows Azure. For the past three months, the site has been a single web role with a splash page touting the new features. Your team has finished development on the website, and the data analytics will be powerful. This requires your web application to use 4 web roles and two worker roles at launch. What is the best way to deploy the new version of this analytics website?

  1. Delete the existing Azure Application and deploy the new application with the same VIP Name
  2. Choose Upgrade on the existing application and upgrade your application in place.
  3. Create a second Azure application and deploy the new version of the application to the new Azure application. Update the original application to redirect to the new application
  4. Upload the new version to the staging configuration of the existing Azure application and perform a VIP swap.

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