Practice Questions for 70-583: Designing Data Storage Architecture

I’ll be posting practice questions for the 70-583: PRO: Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications certification all week. I haven’t seen the test, and I apologize if these questions aren’t representative of the actual exam, however, they focus on the topics outlined by Microsoft.

Your client has three offices in Shanghai, Boston, and Miami. The client has a custom CRM application that stores each client’s history. The data is stored in SQL Azure databases in three separate regions. Your client wants to make sure that any new data is distributed to all databases so that any region’s CRM data is complete and up to date. The longest interval that data can be stale is 10 minutes. How would you design a replication strategy to support your client’s needs?

  1. Use Data Sync Service for SQL Azure
  2. Create a Windows Azure Worker role and install the Sync Framework in that worker role to replicate databases
  3. Enable Merge Replication on the SQL Azure instances
  4. Create a local service that uses the Sync framework to replicate the SQL Azure data.

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