Practice Questions for 70-573, Working with SharePoint Data

I’ll be posting practice questions for the 70-573 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 TS: Application Development certification for the next week. I haven’t seen the test, and I apologize if these questions aren’t representative of the actual exam, however, they focus on the topics outlined by Microsoft.

You are developing a custom web part that will allow users to explore a large dataset stored across several SharePoint lists. Your team has decided to use LINQ to SharePoint to build the queries to these lists. You start writing the query and you do not get Intellisense in Visual Studio 2010 to choose the fields to include in the query. Choose two choices from below to fix this problem. Each answer is part of the solution.

  1. Add a reference to System.Data.Linq
  2. Add a reference to Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq
  3. Open a Visual Studio Command Prompt and run SPMetal.exe /web:http://yoursite/ namespace:SolutionNameSpace /code:Entity.cs
  4. Create an Entity Framewok Model called Entity and add the SharePoint fields that you need to the Model.

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