Practice Questions for 70-573, Working with the SharePoint User Interface

I’ll be posting practice questions for the 70-573 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 TS: Application Development certification for the next week. I haven’t seen the test, and I apologize if these questions aren’t representative of the actual exam, however, they focus on the topics outlined by Microsoft.

You need to create a custom web part using a third-party GridControl your company has purchased. This web part will be deployed to a hosted SharePoint installation as a sandboxed solution. How should you create this web part?
  1. Create a Visual Web Part. Drag the GridControl onto the canvas and set the appropriate properties.
  2. Create a Web Part. Override the Render() method to render the custom GridControl.
  3. Create a Web Part. Override the CreateChildControls() method to add the custom GridControl to the Controls collection.
  4. Create a Web Part. Override the RenderControl() method to render the custom GridControl

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