Cloud Computing enables Megacommunity support of Haiti relief efforts

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, people worldwide jumped to donate money, time and expertise to help the victims. Software developers jumped to support the information sharing required by the Megacommunity of government agencies, non-profits, media, and public. The Crisis Camp movement is a framework for people to meet locally, and coordinate globally to support disaster relief efforts. Although the focus is on software development (the crisis camp idea stems from the BarCamp movement), volunteers with any experience and background are needed and welcome.

In one week, a distributed team from Washington DC and Los Angeles released the first application, "We Have, We Need". This project will create a online marketplace for the exchange of resources and services to suit the needs of the NGOs in Haiti, providing Earthquake relief operations. This application is being hosted in Amazon Web Services to provide scalability and quick developer ramp up. (If you or your company would like to provide long-term sponsorship, see the contact information on the project wiki.)

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