MSDN Subscription Benefits

I must have missed the email that came out regarding upgrades to MSDN subscriptions, but the MSDN team has posted a copy on their blog. I want to highlight two items that I will be taking advantage of in short order.

  • Free E-Learning course collections. The joy of being a software developer means that there is always more to learn about. Now MSDN subscribers can download free E-Learning collections (each collection is about 10 2-hour courses)
  • Free Cloud Computing. I’ve looked into Windows Azure and I really like it as a PaaS. The ability to deploy something to the internet without having to go through IT machinations is truly wonderful. Starting Feb 1, Microsoft will start billing for Windows Azure use. But MSDN subscribers can get up to 750 compute hours free. This is a great way to demo or prototype applications and distribute them rapidly.

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