Jumping straight to Web Part Edit Mode

I’ve been building document and form centric web applications lately with SharePoint and InfoPath Forms Services. As you can imagine it’s a nice fit, however, one of my requirements has been to strip out all of the SharePoint options for external users, but leave them for internal users who are used to the SharePoint look and feel.

I’ve been using jQuery to identify areas that need to disappear and making use of the toggle() option. It’s quick, I’m not relying on it for security, and it’s really nice. I’m going to say that any time you reach for SharePoint Designer, you should use jQuery in a master page or Content Editor Web Part instead.

However, I need to make changes in this daily, and I’m hiding all of the links that would let me edit the page. So I’ve been relying on the following querystring to jump straight to edit mode. I’ve trolled through my browser history enough, so now I’m writing it for myself, and for all of you as well.


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