Migrating an ASP.NET Dynamic Data website to Windows Azure

My previous post shows how to migrate a SQL database to Azure SQL. Now we will complete the app migration by migrating the web application to Windows Azure as well.

  1. We’ll start by creating a "New Azure Web Cloud Service" in Visual Studio (2008 or 2010). You’ll need to install the Windows Azure SDK to get this new project type. When this project starts up you’ll have an Azure project, and a traditional web application.
  2. Follow the directions in this blog post to add an existing web application to the project.
  3. Edit the ServiceDefinition file by adding enableNativeCodeExecution="true" to the webRole element. This places the web worker role in full trust mode.
  4. Upload your project and service definition into a new Windows Azure project.
  5. Start your project, test it, and promote to Production.

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