Must have tools for jQuery development

I’ve been looking into jQuery development. I was never much of a JavaScript developer, most of my js code was form validation, or rounded corners. My current learning approach is to extend jQuery plugins and scripts to get a better feel for how real JavaScript developers would do things. Here’s my necessary tools list

It’s sad, but true, even in 2009 with a great library like jQuery, things that should work across browsers don’t, (my current battle is XML parsing). So make sure that you have multiple browsers to test on with a JavaScript debugger in each.

In addition, there are several websites that have jQuery tools to speed development along. These are

  • jQuerify: a bookmarklet that loads jQuery on any existing page. This is a great way to see how you can integrate jQuery in an existing web application without making any changes to the site.
  • Selector Gadget: This is another bookmarklet that you can load on any existing page that lets you point and click to determine the CSS selectors for any element on the page.
  • Selector Tester: This simple web page lets you define the HTML/XML to use as a source, and highlights the selection defined by your selectors. You can change them, and the new selections show up on the fly. This is a great way to learn how to chain selectors, as you see the selections as you add them to the chain. This is a complement to Selector Gadget, as it lets you work with HTML snippets or XML from a web service as well.

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