MOSS Search in Office Applications

Don’t let this title fool you, this isn’t about searching Office documents in SharePoint. This is about searching your SharePoint server inside your Office application (Word, Outlook…). This functionality has existed since Office 2003, but whenever I show it to people, they love it.

  1. Launch any Office component (Word, Excel, etc…).
  2. Open the Research Pane
    1. Office 2003: On the Tools menu, click Research.
    2. Office 2007: On the Review tab, click Research
  3. In the Research task pane, click Research options.
  4. While you are here, I usually disable research services that I don’t use.
  5. Add research services, click Add Services.

    Figure 51 – Share Point Portal Server 2003

  6. Add the path to your MOSS search web service, type http://your root directory/_vti_bin/search.asmx.(Example:http://Share/_vti_bin/search.asmx.)
  7. Click Add. The service is automatically enabled for searching, and it will appear in the Search for list the next time you open the Research task pane.
  8. To use the integrated Search you can
    1. Select the portal name in the Research task pane and enter a search term, then press the Search icon
    2. (In Word and Outlook), select a word or phrase, right-click and choose Look Up. This is my preferred approach because you don’t waste the real estate of having the Research pane open when you don’t need it, and it is fewer clicks to open when you do need it.

This can also be configured in your Internet Explorer Research settings.



This approach provides the default search options. If you want to create your own specialized search, there is plenty of documentation.

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