Licensed Users in K2 Blackpearl

My client was using "per user" licensing versus "per server licensing", it makes sense for them. At a status meeting last week, the question came up of "How does licensing work in K2 Blackpearl?"

For per-user licenses, a license is consumed anytime a user is a destination in a workflow. Once someone consumes a license, they can participate in unlimited workflows. OK, simple enough, so the next question was, "How many licenses are we currently using?". I navigate to the Workspace, go to

  1. Management
  2. Workflow Server
  3. Licensing
  4. Licensed Users

….. and see only two service accounts!!!! I guffaw a little bit and reassure the client that they are far under their current licensing limits.

Back at my desk, I start digging a little deeper. It turns out that the GUI is only useful if users are logging into the workspace or using the K2 designer plug-ins. We have a custom ASP.NET application that hides all of K2 from the users, so they never see that. To get the real number, I need to login to the DB and look at the _Actioners table. Success. All of my current users are listed and I get a much more believable number for my next meeting.

This article talks about deleting the contents of that table to remove old employees. Until this issue is resolved, that seems like a reasonable workaround quarterly.

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