Communications Skills for Information Workers

I’ve been working on this for about two or three years now. It surprising how quickly written skills can catapult your career. I’ve worked as a developer and system admin. As a developer, it’s assumed that if you write a lot of great code, that everything else can fall by the wayside. But really, writing great code is just the cost of entry. Beyond this, you need to be able to create documentation, project plans, install docs and maintenance docs before people will really be wowed.

As we work in knowledge-driven companies, we need to distribute knowledge after we create it. Technology makes it cheap to do this, but the onus is still on us to speak, write, and communicate our work to others to make it valuable. If I have a design for a fusion reactor that I keep secret, it isn’t a very valuable piece of information. (In fact it has no value until someone else pays for it). There’s always too much information out there, and if we can ingest, refine and communicate the golden bits to others around us, we will all be richer for it.

What does this mean for you and I, dear reader? Well, we all need to write. I’ll probably never write the great American novel, but I hope that you find at last one article out here that makes your life easier. We also need to talk more. Are you an awesome developer? Write some demo code and hit the pavement!! Show it to 2000 people. If you’re that great, your code should make 2000 people better. and that is pretty impressive.

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