Managing Event Handlers

I’ve been working with Event Handlers. MSDN has a great intro how-to on event handlers, but I was trying to attach my event handler to a specific list. In looking at the Elements.xml schema it seems that you can link to a list tempate, or a feature guid, but that is it. That didn’t really provide the flexibility I needed.

Brian Wilson, with MCS, has created a site settings application that allows you to manage event handlers in the Sharepoint admin screens. I was impressed with what he has done, but I hate to install anything more than I need to on production servers.

So the final option was to write some code that would manage my event handlers. I’ll put this up on the downloads page. I’ll demo this code at the Capital Area .NET Users group on July 9th. I’ll include a feature definition for deployment as well as some event receivers to test with.

DISCLAIMER: This code is being released as example code only. It is nowhere near production-ready. It currently only works for List Item event, no web or content type events. So if you want that, you have to do it yourself. This is strictly me-ware that scratches an itch. But if you need this approach, feel free to build on what I’ve provided for you.

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