HEAT Powershell Snapin

This is a Powershell Snap-in for the HEAT Ticketing System. I’ve used HEAT at several companies, and I was never able to get an easy snapshot that showed how I was doing at closing HEAT tickets. Since numbers like these are key in determining promotion, raise and so on I took a passing interest. I’ve retrieved they key (to me) properties about a HEAT ticket and exposed them read-only.

  1. You’ll need to change the connection string in the code (unless your computer has a DSN named HEAT). The offending line is line 61 in HEATCmdlet.cs.
  2. Compile the dll
  3. If you only want to use the snap-in once, then forget about it; you will need to manually register the snap-in with the following commands at a powershell prompt.
    1. Set-Alias installutil $env:windir\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\installutil
    2. installutil c:\Cmdlet\bin\Release\Cmdlet.dll (or wherever you compile to)
    3. Add-PSSnapin HEATCmdletSnapin
  4. If you want the snap-in available to you all the time then you need to create a console file and start powershell pointing to the console file. The console file is included in the download. You command should look like powershell -PSConsoleFile HEATconsole.mcf.psc1
  5. Enjoy quick reporting with Cmdlets like Format-Table and Export-Csv.

For more information about Cmdlets, snap-ins, registration and custom consoles check out MSDN.

Download HEAT Powershell Snap-in
SHA1: 97a88ce0627eb22dd8aec294986944acab5f4c51

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