Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 Document Picker

This is a script that has worked for me on several occasions. It will connect to a SharePoint 2003 database and restore a file from the db to your local filesystem. Nice when your db is up, and your portal is down. There are Sharepoint Database Explorers and so on, but sometimes, a short script is just enough.

You will need to change the connection string in the script to point to your database install, and you will have to get the DocID from the database, and then the script will write the file out to your C drive.

Using this script as a base you could

  • Restore based on filename rather than DocID
  • Loop through and export all the docs under a certain site

Download Document Picker vbscript
SHA1: 561278937EE0275CFA4DE8D2628681A6995C56FC

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