MOM 2005 Reporting Workbook

This is another Excel workbook that queries your MOM server and creates a time-bound report including Alert breakdown by type and server so you can quickly grasp the issues in your environment. It even has pretty graphs for people who don’t like reading.

The first time you open this workbook, cancel the original popup. On the front page there is a space for server name. This is where the name of the database server that hosts SystemCenterReporting needs to go. You do have rights to SystemCenterReporting, right? This is all the configuration that should be necessary. Press Ctrl+R, input the date range, and you will have a management-ready report in two minutes or less.

The macro is setup to run every time the workbook is opened. This is great for leaving on a manager’s desk so when they open it, they can query a new date range. If you want to have a static report, you need to be mindful of this. If you want to remove this function (forcing you to run the macro manually), just open the macro editor (Alt+F11) and delete the Workbook_Open Sub from the ThisWorkbook object. 

SHA1: 3DB361B9407F5E4EBD155295460042F6C560C76B

MOM_Reporting.xls (61.50 kb)

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