Sharepoint 2007 Event ID 5165

Are you getting 404 errors from pages in your site? Is you Application log filling up with the following Publishing error?

Console Configuration File Error: File Not Found: The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)

Then you, my friend, have Content Database corruption. Apparently this is common and the error message doesn’t point us to a list or site to actually fix this problem. The support I was given consisted of restoring from backups. So be sure to

  1. Use stsadm -o backup from time to time to backup the whole shebang.
  2. Use a maintenance plan in SQL Server to backup the content databases.

Updated 7/3/2007 – If you don’t have backups, you can always open the webs content database for the application throwing this error and delete the row that references the missing file. Of course, Microsoft won’t support you if you start mucking in the database. You were warned.

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