First day with Hololens Academy

Several of my coworkers have hyped up the Hololens enough for me to take interest. Right now I’m just learning by going through the Holographic Academy videos. Some initial thoughts. Unity development is really important and something i need to spend much more time on. It’s really an entire industry unto itself. But, I’ve added […]

What I’m playing

I don’t view time unwinding or time gaming as time wasted. I use the time constructively to unwind when I need to or when the opportunity arises. Having said all of that, Just sold this farm in Egg, Inc! — John Miller (@jwmiller5) January 4, 2017 Just sold this farm in Egg, Inc! […]

Catchup gaming

I’ve been spending so many of my weekends playing video games, I thought I’d share some of my favorites lately. Most of these aren’t brand new so they are very affordable or even free.   I’ve been playing SimCity Buildit (Google Play|Amazon) on my phone. I’ve always been a sucker for empire building apps and […]

Getting to 1.0

I imagine that a lot of my readers are developers like me who got into the business (or stay in the business) because they love the craft of software development. I would go even further and say that a lot of my dear readers are working on a “side project” to create apps for their […]

Starting all over again

As you may have inferred from the posting frequency on this site, I have been going through some changes at my day job. High-profile projects needed to move forward, and a lot of personal tasks got sacrificed for the team and the customer. While I am always happy to work hard to make sure the […]