What I’m playing

I don’t view time unwinding or time gaming as time wasted. I use the time constructively to unwind when I need to or when the opportunity arises. Having said all of that, Just sold this farm in Egg, Inc! https://t.co/NgTmpJJ0KO pic.twitter.com/Ad4aROGl1T — John Miller (@jwmiller5) January 4, 2017 Just sold this farm in Egg, Inc! […]

Exploring Bot Framework

I spent an afternoon exploring the Bot Framework. I’m just exploring to see what the dev experience is like and stimulate my imagination a little bit. So after doing all of the setup and connecting to the bot emulator I’m ready to go. I hope future bots don’t judge me on my witty setup banter. […]

Catchup gaming

I’ve been spending so many of my weekends playing video games, I thought I’d share some of my favorites lately. Most of these aren’t brand new so they are very affordable or even free.    I’ve been playing SimCity Buildit (Google Play|Amazon) on my phone. I’ve always been a sucker for empire building apps and […]

Getting to 1.0

I imagine that a lot of my readers are developers like me who got into the business (or stay in the business) because they love the craft of software development. I would go even further and say that a lot of my dear readers are working on a “side project” to create apps for their […]

Starting all over again

As you may have inferred from the posting frequency on this site, I have been going through some changes at my day job. High-profile projects needed to move forward, and a lot of personal tasks got sacrificed for the team and the customer. While I am always happy to work hard to make sure the […]

Investing in your Windows apps

Before I get started, please note that the Keep the Cash promotion is only available to developers in the United States. I apologize in advance to my international readers.   As you gathered from reading the links above (or the images with $100 bills), Microsoft is offering developers who publish apps for the Windows Store […]